Welcome to my SmugMug site.

Your photographer has been capturing images for over 6 decades. I am available to shoot sporting events, team photos, or meet your corporate needs. I have an extensive library of images of people, animals, and landscapes. In addition, I offer one on one or small group instructions to new photographers on understanding the basics of capturing, processing and presenting images.

Fortuitously, I had access to some gifted photographers and their resources, and learned the fundamentals of photography in my early teens. Using the Speed Graphlex and a Voightlander Vito II, I amused friends and family with visual records of their activities, and saw published prints in various club reports, in Boston area newspapers, high school and college papers and yearbooks. The suggestions and critical reviews of professional photojournalists and editors sharpened the skills, toughened the hide and curbed the ego.

Several years ago, I rekindled my passion of capturing images, gave up my darkroom and invested in the resources to move into digital photography. Images appear commercially in promotional web and printed materials, including announcements, calendars, cards and on specialty web sites. Images related to the sport of rugby appear regularly in RugbyToday.

Recently I have been working on the art aspects of images with the people at Photo Central in Hayward California and the photography community that is the Berkeley Camera Club.

My work has appeared in local newspapers, local competitions, on office walls, and in private collections. They have been accepted for display at a number of community galleries, including Photo Central's Spring Shows and the Advanced Portfolio Exhibit, Lotte Arts, Mill Valley's Click Off, the Marin and the Alameda County Fair Fine Arts exhibits, Lodi Spring Arts Show and the California Fine Art show.

An exhibit called "Smoke Signals" has been acquired for the permanent collection of the Healdsburg Museum and Historical Society.

My image "Yosemite Tunnel View: Two tourists Under Umbrellas" was awarded Best In Show at the 53rd Lodi Arts Festival, the largest juried multi-media art show in Northern California.

Let me know if I can capture that action shot, that moment that you do not want to slip away.

In the meantime, check out the images available at either the Flickr or SmugMug sites found on the links below, or contact me directly.



N.B. Photos are under copyright protection.